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I look back to before I knew you well,
And thoughts of wonder fill my searching mind.
I want to laugh and cry and pray and yell,
For you are funny, loving, patient, kind.
What did I do without you all these years?
My life was not as rich as it is now!
God’s blessing in you brings me close to tears –
His blessings always leave me thinking, “Wow!”
You know the little things that make me laugh,
The ins and outs of what I’m going through.
My burdens shared with you are cut in half,
The joy is always multiplied by two!
You are one that I love like no other –
You really are the world’s best older brother.

I wrote this poem tonight for one of my close friends. Sometimes I find word forms are the best way to express how I feel, whether it be a poem, a song, a journal entry, or a letter.I don’t know if he will read it on here, and one day I might read it to him. But for now, I just want to say that I love you, Brownie. Thanks for being a fantastic brother.


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