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Decisions, Decisions…

Hey crew,

Need some help…I have a big decision to make for next year. I have been invited to go to Ukraine for a couple of months with a couple from my church. They are going to visit some mutual friends over there who run a Christian campsite for orphans and children from their village. I’ve been invited to go help out at this camp during May-June of next year.

This would mean deferring my studies for a semester. A few points to consider are:

  • I am 16 (will be 17 during May-June of next year)
  • I live just north of Sydney, Australia and the furthest I have been from home is New Zealand (that was with Dad)
  • I have never been anywhere with no family before – I have been away without my parents but have always had my younger siblings with me
  • I LURVE performing, and classic movies, and my local musical society is putting on The Wizard of Oz next July and I can’t be Dorothy and miss 2 months of rehearsals…
  • I’m not sure yet whether I am actually able to afford going to Ukraine

What do y’all think?




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